Working Remotely Productively

Working Remotely Productively - Guthrie-Jensen

A Unique, “Two-in-One” Program

By now, working remotely (or working from home) has become the norm for organizations and professionals. But making the most of it can still be a challenge. Communication in a virtual setting is difficult — from supposedly simple coordination among colleagues to longer, more complex meetings.

Still, the bottom-line does not change: we all need to deliver results, whether the intent is overcoming the current economic climate or plotting a grand recovery in 2021! Success is highly dependent on individuals and teams communicating and aligning with each effectively other despite the many limitations.

For these reasons, we at Guthrie-Jensen’s Leadership and Communication Experts have developed a new, unique training program: Working Remotely Productively. Participants update their skills in two major competency areas. Part one covers Conducting Virtual Meetings. Part two covers Mindful Communication and Personal Resilience.

To inquire and sign up, simply reply to this email. Or call us at +632-8816-1610.

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