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For almost 40 years, Guthrie-Jensen Consultants has serviced over 15,000 companies, helping them achieve greater growth, competitiveness, and profitability. With over 120 training programs, Guthrie-Jensen is the top training provider in the Philippines — and one of the best in Southeast Asia.

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Planning is an integral part of any business. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” It’s a quote that rings true for everyone. The same goes for strategic planning. Amidst all the planning and preparations done by companies, not everything works out well in the end. Business owners […]  Read More
“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” – Mary Kay Ash Back in 1963, one woman started a company that not only became one of the greatest success stories in business. Mary […]  Read More
Once you’ve graduated from college, you’ll join the sea of job hunters and become part of the crowded and competitive job market. One thing you need to brace yourself for is the heavy competition among other job seekers. Since you’ve just come from university with no formal work experience to make you top choice for […]  Read More
Pressure is inevitable at work. Now and then, we find ourselves dealing with an office situation where we have too much on our plate but have so little time. This and similar scenarios can cause employees to feel high levels of stress and pressure, which can hurt your team’s performance more than you realize. Excessive […]  Read More

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