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For almost 40 years, Guthrie-Jensen Consultants has serviced over 15,000 companies, helping them achieve greater growth, competitiveness, and profitability. With over 120 training programs, Guthrie-Jensen is the top training provider in the Philippines — and one of the best in Southeast Asia.

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Team building activities are valuable opportunities for the growth of your employees. It allows you and your team to take a break from the usual office routine while fostering collaboration and sharpening their interpersonal skills. The usual benefits of team building activities are increased trust, positive interactions at work, and increase in employee morale among […]  Read More
Leaders come in different shapes and forms. They may subscribe to a single style of leadership or a combination of the best practices in people management. Whatever the case, one thing that you have to consider as a team lead, manager, or officer of your company is how your leadership principles are influencing the people […]  Read More
Shopping is at its peak during the last quarter of the year. A lot of people shop online or in-store beginning from pre-Halloween festivities all the way to Christmas and the New Year. The volume of shoppers likely increases, as the gift-giving season is just around the corner. Perhaps non-frequent shoppers will buy a few […]  Read More
At some point in your career, you will need to deliver a powerful presentation. Whether it’s in front of a small group or a large symposium, you want to do your best. However, the art of presenting isn’t as easy as people think. Some of the most critical ingredients include establishing great rapport with the […]  Read More

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