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For almost 40 years, Guthrie-Jensen Consultants has serviced over 15,000 companies, helping them achieve greater growth, competitiveness, and profitability. With over 120 training programs, Guthrie-Jensen is the top training provider in the Philippines — and one of the best in Southeast Asia.

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Every business has one end-goal, and that’s to generate profit and revenue. However, many companies have been blindsided before. Stakeholders and business owners believe that the company is running ever-so-smoothly, but little do they know that they’re not meeting their financial goals and objective, resulting to the need for downsizing or worst, business closure. That’s […]  Read More
Communicating feedback is essential for the professional growth of your team, but not all leaders and managers can do it successfully. 57% of employees like receiving corrective feedback, but its effectivity depends on the delivery. Positive feedback creates a nurturing atmosphere in the workplace and motivates employees to perform as best they can. Moreover, good […]  Read More
A strong marketing department is crucial to business development and success. Your team should make it a priority to be equipped with the right skills that can help stride in today’s modern marketing, but also with a good marketing plan. Businesses need to plot their marketing tactics and strategies throughout the year. A plan lays […]  Read More
A typical company setting involves sales personnel often seen either with their noses deeply buried into their laptops or on the phone, in deep conversation with somebody important on the other end of the line. An account manager is a member of this team, and is often on the front line, tasked to handle various […]  Read More

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