Want MBA-level skills? Top 5 reasons why you need them. (And what to do if you don’t have time for one)

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To be successful in their roles, executives and business owners must move from specialist to generalist. For example, Sales and Marketing Managers who become General Manager or CEO must not only be well-versed in sales and marketing. They must know finance, human resources, and other competencies in order to be effective at their new role. Meanwhile, managers who become senior managers must not only think of their own departments, as decisions at their level have huge implications for the entire enterprise. Hence, they must be more strategic. They must have a CEO, enterprise mindset.

This is where an MBA comes in. But an MBA is a huge investment. If you are getting a full degree, it typically requires a two-year commitment…

And let’s face it. Who has two years nowadays? A two-year degree is a luxury for many present and future executives. Still, there is a workaround though: getting MBA-level skills. An MBA offers the following competencies, which executives must know: Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Management, and Leadership.

The good news: these competencies can be learned at faster pace.

Here are five key reasons why executives and managers must have MBA-level business skills:

  1. Strategic Thinking: MBA-level business skills provide executives and managers with the tools to think strategically, analyze situations, and make decisions that are in the best interest of their teams and organizations.
  2. Decision-Making: MBA-level business skills provide executives and managers with the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions that can help their teams or organizations succeed.
  3. Leadership: MBA-level business skills provide executives and managers with the skills to effectively lead their teams and manage time, resources, and workflows to maximize efficiency.
  4. Financial Knowledge: MBA-level business skills give executives and managers an understanding of financial concepts and practices, which can help them make better business decisions.
  5. Innovation: MBA-level business skills give executives and managers the ability to identify opportunities for innovation and implement creative solutions to challenges.

        You might not have two years to get a full degree, but you can certainly get MBA-level skills that will give you the knowledge, skills, and mindset that can be applied immediately for faster results. All you need is the right short course or training program to choose from, and there are good programs available offering these MBA-level skills.

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