The Top 5 Mistakes Sales Managers Make (and What to Avoid)

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The Importance of Sales Managers

They are responsible for leading the sales team and its targets. They even provide valuable insights and feedback to other departments such as marketing, product development, customer service. They help shape the overall direction and success of the organization.

We are talking about SALES MANAGERS. And they have a critical role in the organization.  They drive revenue growth.

But they can also bring it down. How do organizations and sales managers themselves avoid such a negative scenario?  Here are the top 5 mistakes sales managers make — and what to avoid…

Mistake #1:

Failing to set clear expectations: Sales managers who don’t provide clear expectations to their team may end up with a team that underperforms or doesn’t meet targets.


Mistake # 2:

Focusing on activity instead of results: Sales managers who focus solely on the number of calls or meetings instead of the quality of those interactions may drive their team to burnout without seeing the desired results.

Mistake #3:

Micromanaging: Sales managers who micromanage their team may end up stifling creativity and motivation, leading to a team that is less productive and engaged.

Managers have an important role in coaching their teamMistake #4:

Not providing enough coaching and training: Sales managers who don’t provide enough coaching and training to their team may end up with a team that lacks the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

Mistake #5:

Not leading by example: Sales managers who don’t lead by example may struggle to gain the respect and trust of their team, leading to a lack of motivation and engagement.

Sales management — managing people, product, pipeline, and process — is not an easy job. But when sales managers are fully equipped with skills, strategies, and best practices, it is a rewarding competency for them and one that is equally beneficial to the organization and its employees.

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