Training the Trainers

Training is an investment in your people. Don’t waste your employees’ time and your organization’s money with ineffective programs and seminars. These must be designed properly to address specific needs, employing the right methodology for maximum learning and audience impact. They must be in line with organizational goals and evaluated properly to determine success. With Training the Trainers, you will:

  • Align all training with your organization’s goals
  • Assess your readiness to become a trainer
  • Experience the entire training management cycle
  • Assess your people’s training needs more effectively
  • Design appropriate and relevant programs
  • Employ the best methodologies for each training session
  • Understand the importance of “behind the scenes” preparation
  • Train like a pro
  • Evaluate programs and make sure their effects last

This program is for technical and soft skills trainers, training officers and managers, and human resource and personnel managers who want to assess the training needs of their people, choose the best methods, and design and evaluate relevant and appropriate programs. This is a good foundation for subject matter experts who will be tapped as trainers.


“Having a seminar like this is a good investment both personal and for the company…worth paying for!!!!”
Fernando L. Punzalan – R & D manager, TGIF

“I didn’t believe that I could speak before a group of people I just met, until I joined the public seminar conducted by Guthrie-Jensen.”
Editha C. Aquino – IT Manager, Marsh Phils., Inc.

“The seminar I attended was really educational. I really learned a lot compared to other seminars I attended which were conducted by other training companies. All the topics in the course offering were really taken up.”
D.S. Ramos – PAD Head

“Guthrie-Jensen made me realized that there are still more that I have to learn with regard to conducting training. Now that I have the tasks, Its time for me to “Go Out” and put the learning into practice.”
Rick V. De Guzman – CS Officer, Express Telecommunication

“The Training the Trainers Seminar of Guthrie-Jensen is a “must” for all trainers in whatever industry. I think even experienced trainers will still have a lot of key learnings in this program.”
Leah De Guzman – AVP / Branch Training, Citibank

“To be trained by Guthrie-Jensen Consultants, Inc. is worth what you are paying for and even more – by the things you learn that mold you to become better persons to make a mark in your organization and your society you are living in.”
January Tompar – HR Manager, Mactan Rock Industrial Inc.

“If it’s quality training program you need, Guthrie-Jensen will never fail you.”
Salerina S. Yaya – HR Officer, Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.

“Creative and practical program. Insights have a given me a new perspective to training.”
Ma. Asuncion N. Lizoda – Training Manager, Marco Polo Davao

“This is my first time to attend a seminar by Guthrie Jensen and I had to personally pay for it as a part of my preparation in my new job. I just want to say that it’s worth every peso I paid for.”
Daisy S. Reyes – HR Manager, 3D Industries Inc.

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