Vision-Mission-Values Workshop

While the finished product is always a source of inspiration, the journey to creating a meaningful corporate philosophy is one of the most challenging tasks executives face. Executives tend to wrestle with what is and what should be.

But with the right framework and strategies, you can create the effective VMV where all sound strategies and tactics are formed and anchored.

With the Vision-Mission-Values Workshop, you and your organization will be able to:

  • Assess the present culture of the organization.
  • Have a clear vision and cascade it to team members.
  • Map out strategies to realize the vision.
  • Identify core values and norms of behavior.
  • Develop approaches to instill and institutionalize core values and align them with individual’s competence.

This intervention will not only shape the organization but align procedures and policies with the vision, mission, and values.

This program is designed for the executives, managers, and their associates who want to propel the organization towards greater efficiency, growth and profitability.

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