Virtual Sales Excellence

Truly, the pandemic has changed the sales landscape.

From in-person selling, sales activities have shifted to the virtual realm. Market behaviors, preferences and priorities have evolved.

Many sales professionals complain: there are “fewer” clients. It now takes longer to get approval for proposals. Presenting online has presented its share of challenges. And let’s not forget: competition has become more aggressive.

Who will emerge victorious? Dynamic sales professionals who have updated strategies and skills.

For these reasons, we at Guthrie-Jensen have developed the  Virtual  Sales  Excellence  training program.

Well-researched yet practical, this comprehensive and interactive Live Virtual Training equips participants with the skills to deliver what is needed the most now — SALES!

  • Strategize your approach to selling by understanding the difference between traditional in-person selling vs. virtual selling
  • Build more confidence and credibility to engage buyers in the virtual environment
  • Apply the IMPACT sales playbook and create a positive impression during virtual sales calls
  • Plan your virtual interaction with potential clients
  • Host more productive and meaningful virtual sales meetings
  • Gain better control of their virtual selling environment by using their sales toolkit
  • Review and analyze the potential of their accounts in the current pandemic 

Slots are limited. To inquire, reply to this email. Or call us today at +632-8816-1610.

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Available as Live Virtual Training

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  • In-House/Customized Program for your organization
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This Live Virtual Training is recommended for:

Account executives, business development officers, salespeople, sales supervisors,
and other front-liners engaged in selling 
Past participants of Guthrie-Jensen’s High Impact Selling Program

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