The Leader As Trusted Adviser: Turning Insights into Action

A leader plays different roles in the organization: operations manager, subject matter expert, communicator, coach and mentor.

As a leader moves up, the evolution must continue. At a higher level, leaders would also need to act as doctor, internal consultant, trusted advisor, and catalyst for change.

As trusted adviser and doctor, a leader must possess the tools to diagnose and help the organizations as it works on its areas for improvement — and more importantly, seize opportunities in this fast-paced, fast-changing business landscape.

For these reasons, Guthrie-Jensen has developed a one-of-a-kind program, The Leader As Trusted Advisor: Turning Insights into Action.

  • Learn and apply internal consulting/analytical tools to more effectively diagnose the challenges of the team or the organization
  • More effectively identify the true priorities of the organization
  • Identify change initiatives that are aligned with the most important needs of clients
  • Evolve from solving problems from a tactical approach to a more business-wide or system-wide approach
  • Propose change initiatives with more confidence, and in a more organized manner —  and present them effectively

This program is recommended for

  • Managers and Executives
  • Managers being groomed for more senior management positions
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This program is available as:

  • In-Person Training
  • Live Virtual Training

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