Team Leader Excellence: Leading Strong Teams

Let’s face it. Leading a team is challenging.  But when done excellently, it is rewarding for both leaders and organizations.

How?  Team leaders need to ensure that people are aligned with the direction of their leaders and organizations.  It should show not just in their work – but in how their people work together as one team.  Leaders must use the right tools to develop a healthy workplace culture — one that is aligned with the values of the organization. More importantly, teams must meet objectives.  When they’re not met, leaders know what to do!

That is why we at Guthrie-Jensen have developed the interactive program, Team Leader Excellence: Leading Strong Teams.  In this two-day program, you and your colleagues will learn the skills to lead a high-performance team.  With an interactive and practical approach, several assessments and attendee-friendly environment you can more easily unleash the skills to unleash your team’s peak performance.

With this program, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Gain the team leadership skills to build a cohesive, results-oriented team
  • Motivate diverse individuals to work together and communicate productively within a team setup
  • More effectively align the team with the organization’s overall direction — and expectations
  • Learn the skills to empower team members and allow them more decision making as the team matures
  • Conduct focused, more productive meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Deal with supervisory challenges more effectively and establish ownership among team members
  • Take several assessments to diagnose one’s self and the team to plot out clear action plans after the program

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