Strategic Planning

Sustainable growth, competitiveness and profitability for your organization. You and your colleagues have a role in making these a reality. In today’s tough business landscape, the critical question: HOW?

Each organization and its leaders must develop a good strategic plan. It’s not just a simple document – but a well-crafted, integrated program that all departments implement – with a high degree of alignment and engagement. That’s what the strategic planning process is all about.

But before all these, organizations must have executives and next-line managers who are fully equipped to develop these plans. They must have up-to-date, real-world planning skills. They must avoid the trap of insanity – doing the same thing again yet expecting better, different results!

Business planning still in the next few months? The time to prepare is NOW. Craft your strategic plan to better prepare and to reap the benefits earlier. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s signature workshop, Strategic Planning: Blueprint to Business Growth.

  • Propel business growth by applying the tools to develop a comprehensive yet implementable strategic plan
  • Discover the different models now used in strategic planning and apply the right model/s for your firm
  • Use real-world strategy and strategic planning to one’s organization – regardless of its nature, size and setup
  • Learn key concepts and confidently use the language used by executives
  • Gain a CEO perspective and forge strong alignment among executives, managers and next-line officers
  • Avoid the pitfalls many executives face during the strategic planning process
  • Apply tried-and-tested tools companies use to develop strategy
  • Use practical techniques companies use to assess their current and future business environments
  • Be at the helm of strategy from conceptualization to implementation
  • Identify specific ways you can contribute to your organization’s strategic success

This program is recommended for:

  • Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals expected to participate and contribute to their company’s business planning sessions
  • Professionals being groomed for strategic roles in the organization

The Strategic Planning Workshop is conducted as a public seminar. It can also be conducted as an in-house Strategic Planning Facilitation, conducted by a facilitator from Guthrie-Jensen. We have successfully serviced local and multinational clients in the Philippines. Call us today for more information about this program.


“The training I attended was worth every peso my company spent for it.”
Marione M. Santana – Training Supervisor, Cintree’ Mgt. Services
“Attending seminars conducted by Guthrie Jensen is so enriching and inspiring that you would not want to miss them. All their programs are very useful for each company and most especially their trainer/moderators are all well equipped/knowledgeable of the subject matter/program. So better check them out and enroll in one of their seminars.”
Hazel D. Gaston – Advertising Manager, Businessworld Publishing

“Attending this kind of seminar is an achivement. It will help in the growth of our company as well my personal growth. Now, I am more confident enough that I can handle my department well.”
Janeth Arroyo – Operations Manager, Fastline Transcription Outsourcing Inc.

“The seminar on Operational Planning with competitive advantage was very helpful because the facilitators made sure that our own issues and concerns were addressed very well. The worksheets used in the workshops were all utilized to teach us Operational Planning for our own companies. So, before the end of the seminar, we already have specific action plans for the critical issues and key result areas of our own company. This makes it very easy to share the whole process for our department, managers and supervisor.”
Cherry Grace V. Diaz – Executive Vice President, Johnield Construction & Dev’t. Corp.

“This seminar will redirect you & your company in the attainment of your company vision, mission & goal. This is a need as well as an investment for your company. It is also a tool for the development of your line managers in prepare yearly operational plans gear towards the attainment of your company Strategic Plan.”
Lily T. Tee – General Manager, Sun Gate Pawnshop Inc

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