Strategic Marketing

Many brands and products have conquered the market — and even the world.  They have achieved top-of-mind recall.  They have even changed the way we live.

How did they do it?  What do they all have in common?  Best sales people?  Best products?   Best prices?

What is sure is that they have the best marketing strategies and their people have the best marketing skills.  They have used strategies that have outwitted, outperformed and outclassed competition.  They have successfully positioned their products to become the first and lasting choice of consumers.   They have promoted their products well.  Wouldn’t you want to do the same?

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Strategic Marketing Training Seminar, you and your people will be able to

  • Operationalize strategic plans into marketing success.
  • Recognize and hone the competitive advantage of your company and brand.
  • Recognize and understand your target market with sharp clarity.
  • Create and maintain a strong brand presence in your chosen market segment.
  • Position your brand more effectively.
  • Craft high impact promotion and advertising strategies.
  • Forge efficient marketing channels.
  • Price your products more advantageously.

Get a bigger share of your market.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Strategic Marketing seminar today!

This program is tailor-fit for sales directors, product and brand managers, business development officers, corporate planning heads, senior marketing personnel who want to enhance their strategic marketing capabilities.


“Guthrie-Jensen made the program easy to understand that even a registered nurse like me who don’t have a background on marketing will understand and make it easy to apply in my chosen career. And I’m sure I can use to help our district hit our budget quota.”
Aurora “Rory” Rodolfo, DSM – Blooming Fields Phils., Inc.

“I was not to keen on marketing since I don’t consider as my forte but after attending your seminar, I realize that it is such an interesting and dynamic field. And I want to learn more.”
Sheree Menpin – Business Dev’t. Officer, Ayala Property Mgt. Corp.

“Guthrie-Jensen seminar is really of big help specially for those who would want to learn new strategies & refresh their knowledge at the same time.”
Carla Villanueva – Marketing Supervisor, Congo Grille Bar & Restaurant
“Very competent and attune to target. Comprehensive materials. Service beyond the extra mile!”
Bess P. Fernandez – Head, Business Dev’t., Business Process Outsourcing Int’l.

“This is exactly what I learned in MBA School. The program is very enriching, professionally and socially, that it provides you an experience of developing your own craft with a group of people from different industries. This is a good short-cut to getting that MBA attitude.”
Rex B. Cruz – Asst. Marketing Manager, Relzbach Ventures Inc.

Guthrie-Jensen’s Strategic Marketing Seminar.  Marketing training at its best!

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