Strategic Marketing: Comprehensive, Real-World Approaches

With competition increasing every day, professionals and organizations need comprehensive strategies and skills to achieve sustainable revenue growth.  Having good sales techniques is a good start.  But are these techniques founded on solid strategies?

This is where good marketing plans come in.  More importantly, these should be developed and implemented by skilled sales and marketing professionals!

Before a single centavo is spent, professionals must ensure they are targeting the right customers with the right, differentiated offerings.  Pricing must be strategic to maximize financial returns. Promotions must engage customers at the right time and place – using well-chosen tools in both traditional and digital channels.  Lastly, all these must be done within budget!

Be a fully equipped marketing professional who excels in the marketing entire process.  Bring in more customers with a holistic, more strategic approach to marketing.  Develop blockbuster marketing strategies with Guthrie-Jensen’s interactive workshop, Strategic Marketing: Comprehensive, Real-World Approaches.

  • Create and operationalize a strategic marketing plan that would attract customers and bring greater revenue growth to your organization
  • Create a high impact marketing plan despite a limited budget
  • Appreciate the fundamentals of marketing and apply them more effectively in today’s fast-changing business environment
  • Enhance the competitive advantage of your company and brand
  • Plot the right moves through a deeper understanding of your target market 
  • Create and maintain a strong brand presence in your chosen market segments
  • Position your brand more effectively and differentiate it from competition
  • Craft high-impact promotion strategies by utilizing both traditional and digital channels
  • Increase revenues by maximizing the right distribution channels
  • Ensure alignment of the entire organization to the marketing program

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