Strategic Human Resources Management

The needs of people in the organization have evolved.  Yet two things remain true.  First, people are still the organization’s most important resource to drive growth, competitiveness, and profitability.  Second, they still need to be supported by excellent HR programs and initiatives by engaging into HR trainings and courses to help the organization meet peak performance.

As the needs of people have evolved, are your HR programs and practices still up to date?

HR people still wear many hats.  But gone are the days when HR professionals are just referred to as the “police,” “guidance counselor,” or “summer outing organizer.”  Today’s HR professionals and teams add value to the organization through the right, meaningful, and substantial programs.  They have a more direct hand in helping companies achieve growth!

Achieve your organization’s objectives more efficiently with a more strategic approach to HR.  With Guthrie-Jensen’s Strategic Human Resources Management Seminar, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Apply the latest, best practices of human resources management to enhance the overall competitive strategy of the organization.
  • Maximize the use of the strategic HRM roadmap and reap more benefits from it.
  • Recruit and hire the right people all the time.
  • Develop and use appraisal strategies that will move people forward
    and upward.
  • Develop and use reward practices, career development, and training to ensure excellent people performance.
  • Manage employer and employee relationships more effectively.
  • Turn employee exits into learning situations.
  • Develop action plans to align human resource management with the organization’s competitive posture, business strategy and overall direction.

Make HR a prime mover for your organization’s growth.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Strategic Human Resources Management Seminar today!

This program is designed for top executives and HR managers and practitioners and other key personnel who plan and execute human resource functions in the organization


“Excellent program. Tackles all issues and concern.”
Jose Valentino G. Dave – HRD/Legal Manager, UTI Global Logistics Inc.

“The program is very helpful and practical. I will Be looking forward to attend other upcoming seminars. Trainors and the support are very friendly.”
Liz Manalansan – HRM, Avon Cosmetics

“Guthrie – Jensen would really help you in your organization. Providing all the theories and practice that could be applied in your own organization.”
Rachelle Torres – HR Officer, Rural Bank of Central Pangasinan

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