Service EQ

“Emotional Intelligence based capabilities are twice as important for star performance as IQ and technical skills combined.”
Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman

Customers impatiently waiting… phones ringing off the hook…angry customers shouting… Amidst all this, you’ve still got to give excellent service. It requires a different competence – an emotional competence. Remaining calm and productive in the midst of constant pressure and stress; hanging on to logic when emotions are going haywire are key to delivering seamless service.

With today’s lean and mean trend, the need for multitasking and the fast-pace of business, it is those with emotional competencies that set themselves apart from the rest. The good news is that it is a job skill that can be learned.

Service EQ shares the secrets to building the emotional competencies required for today’s demands for excellent service. After the seminar, the participants will:

  • Value their role in the delivery of service excellence
  • Understand the need for Emotional Intelligence in today’s work environment
  • Analyze their thinking process and choose their responses to challenging situations
  • Recognize their Brain advisors and stop negative knee-jerk reactions
  • Productively deal with their de-motivators
  • Deal with angry people
  • Manage negative co-workers
  • Cope with stress
  • Listen Actively and empathetically
  • Induce desirable responses from customers through effective communication

This program was designed for all people who deal with customers.

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