Service Attitude

68% of customers quit because of the attitude of indifference of some employees.

Smile training doesn’t work. After all, a smile is only executed by the mouth, but it starts in the heart.

Service excellence, before it is translated into behavior, stems primarily from a belief. People will not simply do what they are told. They will do what they believe to be important.

What every organization needs are people who are entirely convinced that service excellence is imperative and that their roles are critical in the delivery of excellent service. They need to develop sensitivity towards the customer’s demanding mindset and avoid attitudes that allow mediocrity.

With Service Attitude, the participants will:

  • Realize the need for customer loyalty and not just customer satisfaction
  • Understand customers’ basic expectations and loyalty criteria
  • Influence customers’ perceptions of the organization
  • Diagnose the attitudinal causes of their unproductive behavior
  • Exercise the power to choose productive attitudes toward the customer, other departments, and their immediate superiors
  • Treat other departments and immediate superiors as internal customers

This program is designed for all staff level employees of an organization – whether front liners or support personnel.


“Something different as compared to other training agencies (It really touched my life). I won’t forget the learning experience and the fun.”
Sarmiento – Sales Admin Supervisor, Landco Pacific Corporation

“You helped us make our life easier by learning what the proper attitude in servicing. You helped me realize and appreciate how important our customers are not just the external, but also the internal ones.”
Ana Liza G. Galo – Accounts Payable Specialist, Landco Pacific Corporation

“We should remember that customers are always right. There are many alternative ways on how to deal with them even if they’re wrong. It’s just a matter of choosing our right attitude.”
Ady Soflena O. Yusof – Accounting Staff, Magsaysay-Mitsui OSK Marine, Inc.

“The instructor or speaker is well qualified for the job, hindi nakakaantok kung magsalita, a lot of jokes, which make his listeners laugh and share its experiences during the entire class.”
D. Torres – AM, Magsaysay-Mitsui OSK Marine, Inc.

“Other people should try this, it is a great experience! I can’t wait to go to office and do my job so I put into practice everything I have learned and acquired. The most important thing I have is that to be able to provide good service, all we have to give is the right attitude in any given situation. I am really looking forward to a new beginning in work; it’s like turning over a new leaf in my job.”
Phine Santos – Executive Coordinator, Zafire Distribution

“I commend Guthrie Jensen for their great job. What I’ve learned and realized from them is that change starts with me and it is contagious.”
Amy Dela Rosa – Bookkeeper, Zafire Distribution

“Guthrie Jensen is key to my life in facing other people, by teaching me how to change my attitude.”
Michael Ybañez – Materials Testing Aide, Alsons Development and Investment Corporation

“Having attended the Guthrie-Jensen seminar makes a lot of difference in my personal outlook about my work.”
Chris Baet – CSS-NAC, Security Bank

“The Service Excellence Program of Guthrie-Jensen is truly very informative and insightful. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my customer service attitude and skills. After this, I’ll always keep a positive attitude in order to serve my customers the best way I can.”
Kara Gandionco – HR Division Head, First Philippine Industrial Corporation

“Guthrie-Jensen has helped me boost my confidence and outlook towards my job. Thanks!”
Kristine Chua – CSS-New Accounts, Security Bank

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