Sales Attitude

Let’s face it…sales is one of the toughest jobs a person can have. It has been said that even the best sales people close 1 out of 2 accounts – yes, that is a conversion rate of 50%! And yet that also means a 50% rejection rate!

The market is a battlefield and what every organization needs are sales people who are armed with skills that are backed up by a solid and tough mindset that will weather the challenges of a sales career.

With the Sales Attitude program, the participants will:

  • Dismiss the view that sales is a hit and miss game dependent solely on motivation; Instead, they will see sales as a process made up of repeatable steps that will ensure a higher conversion rate per step of the sales process
  • Treat each sales call as a valuable activity directly related to revenue achievement
  • Allocate sales calls according to account potential
  • Use an account tracking process and manage a tighter sales cycle
  • Act on the fact that their product/service is deemed useless by the prospect unless they are able to relate it to the latter’s specific needs
  • Speak the language of benefits
  • Overcome attitudes that are formed by the inherent hurdles of selling such as:
    • “My product is too expensive.”
    • “There are difficult objections.”
    • Rejection is failure.
    • “I have to beg or force the customer to buy.”

This program is designed for all sales people.


“I would like to tell to the public that Guthrie-Jensen has given us the opportunity to realize that even if we are not in the industry of selling, we can still be a good salesman by always having a positive attitude towards work, by loving our work and by keeping a positive outlook even if the situation we encounter is negative. By reaching our goals, our ambitions excellence is all I can say.”
Queen Anne Ravago – San Francisco Mirror

“I would like to say that right after the seminar conducted by Guthrie-Jensen, I was moved, inspired and even declared to myself: ‘I could be a salesman – maybe, not good, but the best,’ It is because Guthrie-Jensen delivered excellent training and equipped me with the best tools.”
Virn I. Villagracia – Acting Station Manager, Bombo Radyo Philippines

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