Quick Thinking, Smart Speaking: Clarity and Impact on the Spot

Do you think on your feet?
Workshop: Quick Thinking Smart Speaking

Are you able to throw ideas without hesitation? Does your mind go blank when asked to speak off-the-cuff? What do you do or say?

Working in a results-driven, competitive and fast-paced environment requires professionals to communicate anytime and anywhere with anyone. They are expected to communicate quickly but meaningfully. They must think fast, share ideas, recommend solutions, and answer questions at the spur of the moment. 

Not everything is prepared and scripted. Spontaneity is not easy. When asked to speak spontaneously, professionals double their anxiety – whether in meetings, presentations, telephone calls, and face-to-face conversations. There is too little time or no time at all to prepare.

Techniques in quick thinking, smart speaking and recovering gracefully in unprepared situations help lessen the pressure. Using tools when caught off guard will boost confidence.

Think ahead. Think fast. Sound smart. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s training program, Quick Thinking, Smart Speaking: Clarity and Impact on the Spot!

  • Improve your spoken communication by applying critical and creative thinking skills to think on your feet
  • Integrate left and right brain to improvise
  • Organize ideas simply, clearly, concisely and fast in on-the-spot situations
  • Identify the best organizational pattern to use
  • Choose the relevant ideas to include
  • Sound prepared even when  there is short or no preparation at all
  • Practice how to think on their feet and speak on the spot during conversations, meetings and presentations
  • Answer questions and address challenging comments

This program recommended for:

  • Supervisors, managers, team leaders, and associates who wish to sharpen their impromptu speaking skills
  • Also recommended for sales professionals, account executives, customer service professionals and other professionals who present/speak to clients on a regular basis

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