Quality Service Management

Are you developing a customer-centric team?

Friendly, proactive, energetic customer contact personnel who use the magic of the personal touch. It’s what customers not just expect but in this day of mediocre service, it’s what customers dream of. Enlightened organizations know that the most important activities to focus on are these moments of truth – the instances of customer interaction by which customers judge the organization.

But these moments don’t happen in isolation. The secret behind these defining moments depend on the creation of a team – a team that responds and exceeds customers’ heightened expectations. And the development of such a team rests on the strength of its leadership. After all, people will only follow to the extent that they are led. In today’s competitive service environment, what is needed are leaders who walk the talk of excellent service, inspire untiring commitment to the customer, unleash energy to serve the most demanding of customers and maintain a team that daily strives to impress customers at every point of contact.

Impress your customers by unleashing sustained energy and passion in people. Deliver consistently excellent service by setting service standards that are sensitive to customer expectations. Retain customers and be the service provider of choice. Don’t be content with satisfied customers… even satisfied customers leave. Make them loyal. Keep them for life.

With Quality Service Management, participants will:

  • Recognize that service excellence is not just “behaved” by the front liners and instead is a result of leadership
  • Realize the need for Service Management: the total organizational approach to making superior service the driving force of the organization
  • Diagnose service bottlenecks in their specific cycles of service
  • Awaken and fuel the right customer-oriented attitudes in their people
  • Create an environment of energy and passion that will constantly send the right message to customers
  • Formulate reward and recognition programs for excellent service providers
  • Empower front liners to use their talents at every point of customer contact
  • Use decision making to motivate front liners and avoid customer dissatisfaction
  • Lead people in a way that continuously affirms and reinforces the value of service excellence

This program is designed for Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Vice Presidents and whoever wants to create a customer-centric team.


“As usual, Guthrie Jensen …, has exceeded our expectations. I may have started out with cynicism though was transformed after what has been imparted. Though the QSM, we believe we can transform service excellence into a way of life in East West Bank.”
Marvin Tiberao – AVP, East West Bank Corporation

“Program has substance. Good tool to analyze.”
Bert Villena – Pres/CEO, Sterling Bank

“Hits the nail on the head! Able to direct and analyze needs and make insightful recommendations.”
Cielo Santos – Customer Service, Sterling Bank

“Guthrie Jensen has been a pioneer in the training; OD instructions. They have always met and exceeded my expectations.”
Dulce – VP-HR, Sterling Bank

“Guthrie is still he best in handling seminars. The objective of the seminar was properly executed and handled.”
Dwight Rey Co – RBG Head, Sterling Bank

“This seminar is definitely worth taking. It helped officers like me to see our role in the company on a different light. I’m definitely motivated and inspired to share all my learnings in this seminar to our team.”
Joy Anne Fabre – Mktg. Officer, Victoria Court

“Powerful up-to-date relevant customer focused training program conducted by a highly competent and service oriented trainer. The learnings in this program will be our tool in attaining our mission in delighting guests every time.”
Merlie Endaya – CFO, Victoria Court

“Thank you for awakening the true leader in me.”
ER Marpuri – Duty Officer, Victoria Court

“If you’re company loves you, they will enroll you to Guthrie Jensen. Today, when I attended this program, it gave me better perception about my work and I love my company more.”
Lee Miclat – Applications Specialists, Zafire Distribution

“I was able to attend not just a regular management training but a life changing lecture as well.”
Michael Dela Paz – Product Applications Manager, Zafire Distribution

“Your passion in what you do is amazing! Your spirit, knowledge and professionalism is just very inspiring. If you were a disease, people would be happy because you’re contagious.”
Jolla Soriaga – Business Dev’t Mgr., Alsons Development and Investment Corporation

“You were excellent! All 4 days were delightful! Amazing!”
Rosie Dominguez – EVP, Alsons Development and Investment Corporation

“Guthrie Jensen management Consultants makes your life change.”
Sophia Recato – Admin Supervisor, Alsons Development and Investment Corporation

“The program and or seminars conducted by Guthrie Jensen is exceedingly worth it, that you wouldn’t think twice no matter how much it would cost.”
Maria Corazon Roque – Project Officer, Alsons Development and Investment Corporation

“The seminar was well planned and properly presented. How the ideas were conveyed were truly dynamic and entertaining. There were moments when I was so touched that I had to stop and reflect what I have been doing the past 35 years of my life.”
Timothy Gobio – Project Manager, project Dev Unit, Earth + Style Corporation

“Guthrie Jensen approaches the seminar/workshops in a very engaging, down-to-earth manner. Atmosphere during the training days was relaxed yet very professional.”
Gwen Martin – BRU GM, Earth + Style Corporation

“Guthrie-Jensen has converted me into a servant not to myself, but to my customers.”
Carina O. Diaz – Category Manager, Ministop

“I was able to realize my weaknesses, my attitude with my customers and find ways on how to improve myself. Realization of mistakes and accepting things that I can control like emotions, attitude and values in life.

Positive attitude that is not only applicable in work, but views in every aspect of our lives. I enjoyed the seminar and the facilitator.”
Analie C. Arsolon – HQ Accounting Supervisor, Ministop

“They don’t just teach and train; they don’t just conduct discussions; they don’t just share insights and ideas, but they can touch your life and they can mold you to be in your best.”
Rachel C. – Area Development Manager, Ministop

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