Powerful Presentation Skills

There’s more to presenting than clicking a mouse and reading what’s on the screen. Hone valuable skills like starting and ending with impact, developing an animated style, delivering lines spontaneously, and handling questions and objections confidently. With Powerful Presentation Skills, you will:

  • Prepare yourself and your materials properly before the performance
  • Learn how to size up an audience and determine the best approach
  • Structure presentations so that the audience will understand and “buy into” your message
  • Start off and close with a bang
  • Design and use high-impact visual aids
  • Gain more power, poise and presence
  • Avoid boring presentations
  • Field questions like a pro
  • Defuse tense and dysfunctional situations
  • Facilitate a presentations smoothly and seamlessly

This program is for all members of your organization who make sales, financial, technical and training presentations.


“Thank you so much for bringing the confidence in us in speaking in front of the group of people.”
Lex Escaner Jr. – Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific

”Taking the “Effective Presentation Skills” training from Guthrie Jensen certainly helps presenters on any skill level. Beginners or experts alike will get valuable inputs that can easily be translated into powerful presentations.

As a trainer, I highly appreciate the interactive, light and easy-to-understand way of teaching the course.
There is no doubt that the insights gained from this training will manifest not just in my work but in my everyday dealings with other people.”
Kristine Grace B. Tamayo – Corporate Trainer, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

“The program at Guthrie Jensen make you feel confident in tackling and overcoming shyness especially when talking in front of a large group of people.”
Omark Amorato – Management Trainee, CCT CHEMICALS

“Great job! Learn how to do powerful and meaningful presentations in just 3 days!”
Allan Sepillo – Anti Virus Engineer, TREND MICRO INC.

“The seminar is lively and gives us the opportunity to apply what we learn immediately. There is reinforcement of learning.”
Dianne Aviles – Business Dev’t. Assistant, IFF

“I have read several book in communication regarding presentation skills but my attendance here reinforced what I already knew about new knowledge and techniques – it’s a ‘mind opener’.”
Art Valencia – Training Manager, Bayer

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