Operational Planning for Competitive Advantage

Are your business operations aligned with your strategy?

Everyone knows the importance of a one-year plan, but what it looks like and crafting it are two different things.

With Operational Planning for Competitive Advantage, you will:

  • Discover the 6 Key Elements of the Operational Plan
  • Determine Critical Issues
  • Plot out SMART objectives and performance standards
  • Formulate courses of actions needed to meet the objectives
  • Identify resources, accountabilities and control mechanisms needed
  • Chart finances and create meaningful operational budget
  • Evaluate and monitor state of business over a period of time
  • Maintain high quality performance standards
  • Identify processes and systems that will enhance productivity
  • Minimize wastage of time, materials and manpower
  • Ensure improved efficiency and sustainability of the business
  • Achieve operational excellence

Develop a holistic and viable plan to improve your business scorecard.

This program is designed for chief operating officers, vice presidents, general managers, managing directors, senior managers and other managers who need to come up with a highly implementable operating plan.

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