Officer’s Development Program

Trainings, seminars and workshops are just one way to equip management with basic tools, techniques, processes and worklife passion. In order to prepare the trainees for higher role with greater responsibility, the Officers Development Program has been designed to continuously improve their craft, knowledge and skills and familiarize them with the basic management concept of running the business.

Subjects offered covers Business Ethics, Coaching, Communication, Decision Effectiveness, Negotiation and Management including Laws and regulations implemented by the company and the government. The program’s main objective is to prepare Management Trainees to become leaders of organizations competing in a business environment that has grown increasingly dynamic and complex. With broader and more integrative understanding of the business equipped with the knowledge and expertise, this will enable them to make strategic and operational decisions – with an immediate and relevant impact to the Company’s competitiveness, profitability, and growth.

The Seven Subjects which forms part of the Officers Development Program consists of: Effective Writing Communications, Project Management, Decision Effectiveness, Basic Management, Macroeconomics, Effective Presentation Skills, and Negotiation.

This program is designed for supervisors and management trainees being groomed to be department or unit/area managers.

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