Power Negotiations

In business, effective professionals are successful negotiators. The ability to quickly influence, understand and decide draw the line between success and failure.

Negotiation skills are critical when buying or selling at the right price, finalizing contracts, setting budgets, solving a problem, and even breaking an impasse.

The good news: with the right mindset and updated negotiation skills, success is no longer just a possibility — it’s becomes a reality for you and your business.

Equip yourself with an arsenal of tools and strategies. Seize key moments that build great value to all parties. Cultivate stronger relationships.

Join Guthrie-Jensen’s interactive workshop, Power Negotiations!  With this program, you and your colleagues will be able to:

  • Reduce nervousness, increase confidence and be more comfortable when negotiating with clients, vendors and colleagues
  • Gain a practical, real-world understanding of the negotiating techniques used by clients, vendors and colleagues and adjust one’s negotiation style to create more trust between both parties.
  • Test and evaluate one’s negotiating style in a safe environment.
  • Develop concrete plans of action to maximize the negotiation outcome.
  • Experience various aspects of negotiation during the interactive training.
  • Learn different techniques to “defend” one’s position when clients or vendors apply hardball tactics.
  • Use quick discernment to learn the different negotiation styles and see the effect on negotiation.
  • Effectively discern and decide when to stay or walk away from a negotiation.

This seminar is for:

  • Sales and marketing executives, supervisors and managers, administrative and purchasing/procurement officers, account and business development officers, product managers
  • Professionals who wish to improve their negotiating skills
  • Also recommended for past participants of High Impact Selling, Communication Assertiveness, Exceptional Client Care, Handling Exceptional Clients, Powerful Presentation Skills, People Handling Skills, 5-Day MBA, and Customer-Centered Debt Collection.


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