Master Negotiations

Fierce competition, cost-consciousness, pressures to maximize and make the most out of business transactions. Salespeople jump to deep discounting far too quickly just to meet their monthly quotas. Even buyers are forced into quick deals by deadlines and delivery dates. Simultaneously, other professionals who also perform negotiations as part of daily business may also find themselves giving into concessions.

The pace and pressure of today’s business climate force businesses to sacrifice their profits. That’s why negotiating skills have become increasingly important for all professionals. They aren’t just about increasing revenue or cutting cost – they’re about protecting profit margins. They determine whether a business will grow or vanish.

The good news: with the right mindset and skills, we can increase our negotiating power. With Guthrie-Jensen’s Master Negotiations Seminar, you and your colleagues  will be able to

  • Negotiate without sacrificing profits.
  • Build partnerships instead of closing transactions by using the win-win Philosophy.
  • Use a productive conflict resolution style.
  • Go to the negotiation table prepared for the unexpected.
  • Know the best way to open and how to defend their opening bid.
  • Analyze and avoid the risks in negotiation.
  • Concede without sacrificing priorities.
  • Guard against the dangers of knee-jerk responses to concessions.
  • Use the counterpart’s power to gain their favor.
  • Defend oneself against the power of the counterpart.
  • Detect the hidden pressures in the negotiating process and protect oneself.
  • Respond properly to ultimatums, threats, and deadlines.
  • Know how to encourage quick acceptance of the deal.
  • Effectively respond to deadlocks and “final offers”.

Get the better end of the deal.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Master Negotiations Seminar today!

This seminar is for:

  • Sales and marketing executives, supervisors and managers, administrative and purchasing officers, account and business development officers, product managers
  • All members of your organization who wish to improve their negotiating skills
  • Also reommended for past participants of Creative Selling, Communication Assertiveness, Personalized Customer Service, Managing People for Service Excellence, Powerful Presentation Skills, People Handling Skills, 5-Day MBA, and Effective Debt Collection

Testimonials on Guthrie-Jensen’s Negotiation Programs

“Guthrie-Jensen is the master in negotiating.”
Lindsay Cheng – Purchasing Specialist, Suysing Commercial Corporation

“The seminar makes you explore/realize and address weaknesses that you may have so you can become a stronger negotiator.

The experience was not only educational but fun. And it even made the group who attended feel closer together, strengthening the team’s bond.”
Fernando de Achaval – Sales Manager, 2Go

”GJ has the talent of mixing humor with corporate skills training.”

Edward Joseph Vitug – Executive Assistant, Hexagon Group of Companies

“I have already attended 7 Public Seminars and I am continuously booked for Guthrie for my company’s training – in short, they are THE BEST.”
Maricar Bernardo – HR & Training Manager, Gano iTouch

“When you think you know everything about “negotiations”, you’re dead wrong! I learned a lot of tools in negotiating which will make me come out a “winner” in the negotiating table.
More power to Guthrie-Jensen.”
Jinggay DP. Lejano – Mktg. & Admin. Director, Passcor – NAIA

“I just want to recommend this to all the sales people especially those having difficulty negotiating with big companies. This is one of the solutions to answer their problems.”
Edgar Morales – Sales Engineer, Schneider Electric

“I would say that I learned a lot in this training – not only in negotiating but also how to be a more effective sales person.”
Carla Ludovino – Sr. Account Executive, Focus Media Audiovisuals, Inc.

“Negotiating Successfully prepares every individual in dealing with clients or customers. This training will develop us to be more competitive and will have a sense of a winning in every dealing we had.”
August S. Lego – Branch Operations Manager, Cintree

“Great! Now we’re ready to give our client the best deal.”
Leonilo Romero – Sr. Plant Manager, Print Town

“Being able to view the job in a very different perspective and making us understand more of my job was one of the best things I realized in this course.

Especially with the hard core case studies; it was both challenging and intellectually stimulating with a combination of nonstop excitement.”
B. Lim – Suysing Commercial Corporation

“The most extensive presentation I have ever heard and listened to about negotiation in my entire career as Station Manager. It substantiates my basic knowledge on the subject matter and now, I can say the sun will shine more brightly after my every fall because I am now equipped with the weapon to stand up and never give up.”
Evelyn Q. Pascua – Station Manager, Bombo Radyo Philippines

”Effective! Life changing and worth all the time.”
Shermaine Ching – Purchaser, Suysing Commercial Corporation

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