Managing Assertiveness

Are you ready to get a no for an answer from one of your team members? Or to hear a subordinate expresses an opinion that may go against yours? This and more are the challenges that a leader may have to face when managing assertiveness in the organization. Learn how best to lead assertively by replacing confrontation with cooperation, one-way telling with two-way listening, and balance power and mutual respect. With Managing Assertiveness, you will:

  • Project a confident and assertive image when communicating with others
  • Avoid passivity or aggression when dealing with subordinates
  • Encourage people to express their thoughts on issues
  • Give and receive feedback objectively
  • Give and accept sincere compliment
  • Use appropriate words, tone and body language to deliver your message assertively
  • Provide a listening ear to the ideas of others
  • Use tact and diplomacy when faced with aggressive communication
  • Encourage people engagement

This program is for team leads, supervisors, and managers who nurture a culture of assertiveness in their organizations.

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