Leadership Communication

To be a great leader, you must be a great communicator. In a world of tough markets, uncertain demand and increasing competition, you are expected to set the company’s direction and influence people to move toward that direction. This is not easy. Overcome this challenge by knowing exactly how to effectively engage your people through the art of good communication. With Leadership Communication, you will:

  • Assess your own leadership communication style and determine ways to adapt to the style of your people
  • Learn how to look, sound and speak like a true leader
  • Avoid pitfalls when communicating with people in the organization
  • Sell your ideas better
  • Use storytelling as a means of influencing
  • Maximize elevator speech to communicate valuable ideas
  • Inspire and empower your people through communication

This program is for team leads, supervisors, managers, executives who are faced with the challenge of how to better influence people to take a stand and move to action. This can also benefit anyone who simply wants to communicate the way leaders do.

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