Key Account Management

Most Sales people manage their account by simply moving from one transaction to the next. They put all their time, effort and talent in closing one deal after another. And they think that for as long as they get an order every month from the account, they’re managing the account right.

Then one day it happens. The Orders stop coming in. And they wake up to the harsh reality that competition has eased them out. The large account has decided to deal exclusively with just one supplier for your particular item… and it isn’t you!

You and everyone else in your office are stunned. You can’t help wondering, “How did this happen?” Everything seemed fine. You shake your head and ask, “Why couldn’t we have seen it coming?” Then you think about your other accounts. And you wonder if competition is eroding your hold on them too. If the client’s internal politics is loosening your grip. You feel apprehension rising in your gut. “How do we protect our large accounts from competition? How do we secure our relationship despite the changes happening within the account? How do we ensure that we don’t lose the account?”…

The answer is clear: You need a plan… You need a strategy!

With Strategic Account Management, the participants will be able to

  • Develop a strategic perspective on sales and customer relationships.
  • Understand how competition and information technology impact on the success or failure of your relationship with your client.
  • Understand what trends and opportunities drive your client’s business and how this impacts on your business.
  • Anticipate and deal with potential barriers and threats to maintaining and growing your large accounts.
  • Learn how to deal with the various decision makers and influencers in the customer’s field of play.
  • Learn how to analyze, prioritize and maximize accounts.
  • Understand the Buy-Sell Hierarchy and raise the level of your client relationship.
  • Learn how to develop sponsors among the key influencers.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with anti-sponsors.
  • Develop a strategy that will build greater customer loyalty and help protect the account from competition.
  • Develop an account strategy that will grow the account and build a long term profitable relationship.
  • Create an action plan that will increase their chances of success.

This program is for sales people, account managers, and key account managers who want to make the most out of their key accounts.


“Opens your mind to new ideas in handling accounts.”
Peter Noda – Account Manager-Distribution, Schneider Electric Phils.

“New strategies and perspectives were revealed. They give many strategies to manage your accounts! Not to mention meeting new and definitely interesting people from diverse industries.”
Jemaica C. Arvisu – Marketing Associate, All Asian Countertrade Inc.

“The seminar on Account Management helped my sales team manage and elevate the perception of our customers from a mere supplier to a valued partner.”
Johnson Regalado – Head Sales and Marketing, Mabuhay Satellite Corporation

“Wide range of expertise in different fields.”
Yhen Arzadon – Senior Manager, Bayantrade

“This training basically loaded my gun with bullets. I’m now dying to go to war!”
Jon Kudera – Key Account Manager, Intex Telecons

“The RCI Personnel is now more prepared in many way: emotionally prepared, technically prepared, and mentally prepared.”
Bentis Japitana – Sales Supervisor, Republic Chemical Industries, Inc.

“Guthrie-Jensen has served as a very effective instrument, through its training program, in our goal to attain empowerment for the Mekeni Food Corporation sales professionals.”
Emily C. Lapid – Executives Assistant, Mekeni Food Corporation

“Guthrie-Jensen is a guide to our future, most importantly in the industry.”
Benedict Q. Mamaril – Sales Representative, Mekeni Food Corporation

“Attending your program made me discover my skills and learn things that contribute to my inability to bring in and develop class A accounts. It was superb!”
Johanna Salvacion – BDM, Kuehne & Nagel

“The training is really customized according to what our team needs. We learned the importance of measurable account monitoring.”
Edmundo Ona – Businesss Manager, Mabuhay Satellite

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