Interviewing Skills

The kind of people who work  in our organization spells the difference between producing results and failing.  To meet business objectives, it therefore critical to recruit and interview candidates effectively, and know how to choose the best people for the job.

This is where effective interviewers come in.  They need to conduct job interviews in a manner that helps the organization accurately evaluate candidates.  Of course, this is easier said than done.  Consider the following challenges:

  • How does one know if a candidate is telling the truth or merely putting his or her best foot forward?
  • Is the applicant telling the truth?
  • How should I phrase my interview questions?  How do I successfully probe?
  • What is the best style for job interviews?  Can behavioral interviews help?
  • What if the candidate is not qualified?  What if he asks for a high salary?
  • How do I develop an interviewing standard or system for my organization?
With Guthrie-Jensen’s Interviewing Skills Seminar, you and your colleagues will be able tom
  • Develop and implement interviewing standards for the organization.
  • Conduct one-on-one, group, or panel interviews successfully.
  • Learn and apply the principles of behavioral interviews/performance-based interviews.
  • Craft effective  job-relate questions.
  • Ask effective interview questions that would yield the answers you need.
  • Learn how to accurately evaluate candidates or applicants.
  • Deal with shy, evasive, and arrogant interviewees professionally.
People are the best assets of many organization.  Ensure that you hire the best — with Guthrie-Jensen’s Interviewing Skills Seminar!

This program is for HR and recruitment professionals, managers, supervisors, and even top executives who wish to hire the right people through effective job interviews.

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