Exceptional Client Care

The purpose of every business and organization is to get and keep clients.  That is why caring for clients is no longer a plus.  It is critical in order to survive and thrive.  But in an age when clients are less loyal and switch providers fast, the popular “extra mile service” is no longer enough.  When 62% of supposedly satisfied customers still switch to competition, what do businesses do to make them loyal, too?

Organizations and their professionals must not only have the basic service skills.  Professionals must have the skills and the passion to serve.  Likewise, face-to-face and phone service skills should still be up-to-date in order to give clients the best care to grow your business in the long term.

When passion and skills are practiced by all, service does not only become a competency.  It becomes part of an organization’s culture and identity – a competitive edge that is difficult to replicate.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Exceptional Client Care Seminar, you and your people will be able to

  • Deliver exceptional service to clients that leads to customer loyalty in the long term.
  • Move from mere vendor to preferred partner/provider: Go from serving through mere transactions to building strong client relationships.
  • Understand more deeply the evolution of today’s customers and know how companies and professionals must adapt.
  • Immediately apply powerful skills for phone and face-to-face client scenarios.
  • Improve the way they communicate and coordinate with other departments.
  • Harness the power of Emotional Quotient in today’s competitive environment.
  • Build the confidence to deal with different types of customers and co-workers.
  • Recognize and respond to the different styles of clients they encounter.
  • Handle irate clients more effectively and confidently.
  • Create a customer experience map to ensure concrete action plans after the program.

Go beyond the ordinary customer service training.  Ensure loyalty and greater profitability through exceptional service!  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Exceptional Client Care Seminar today!

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