English Fluency: Maximizing the Power of Business English

Do you conduct your business in English? Are you satisfied with how your people speak it? In business today, English is the global currency. It is the language spoken in the boardroom and used in trade. It is the language of science and technology. You don’t want communication with clients and foreign counterparts to bog down because of language barrier. With English Fluency, you will:

  • Listen to and comprehend a native speaker of English
  • Improve how to pronounce words clearly
  • Practice the rhythm and intonation of spoken English
  • Expand speaking vocabulary such as idioms and conversational expressions
  • Manage conversations with attention to grammar and vocabulary
  • Speak more fluently: initiate and develop ideas and respond appropriately
  • Practice conversational English in various business situations

The English Fluency program is for professionals who want to improve their confidence and proficiency in speaking English through intensive practice.


“Guthrie Jensen is very effective in customizing their program to cater to the needs of the client. Overall, the training is fun, the learning is great and the participants, enjoyed.”
Aqueles Ballesteros – Compliance Analyst, Shell Shared Services

“The training is extremely helpful to us. It helped us develop our confidence in speaking the English language. It made us aware of our pronunciation and the usage of words.”
Cathy Perez – Infonxx

“If you think you need help in English Fluency, Grammar, etc. Guthrie-Jensen is the right group for it.”
Michael G. Dela Fuente – SE, Accenture

“Guthrie/Jensen is the best in English Fluency seminars. The trainer is very good, impressive and very accommodating.”
Cora Gonzales – Sr. Accountant, Infonxx

“If you want to become an effective English speaker, engage in trainings offered by Guthrie Jensen.”
Leah Mae Suelo – Aviation Analyst, Shell Shared Services

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