Customer-Centered Debt Collection: Turning Receivables into Cash

Cash is the beginning and end of any business operation.  Organizations need consistent, positive cash flow to function and grow.  Without it, operations suffer, projects get delayed.

Hence, many organizations look at increasing sales.  But sales need to be collected fast enough and converted into cash.  This is where effective debt collection comes in.  The challenge: collecting receivables is easier said than done. After all, companies and their collection people will need to deal with late-paying (even non-paying) customers.  Companies also need to hurdle the complex payment procedures of many organizations.

Successful organizations equip their credit and collection personnel with the skills to plan, assert themselves, while still keeping a customer-centric approach.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s interactive seminar, Customer-Centered Debt Collection: Turning Receivables into Cash, you and your people get more skills to

  • Collect receivables with more effectively through a customer-centered perspective.
  • Prepare for collection calls – no matter how tough.
  • Create and implement action plans to facilitate your successful debt collection.
  • Deal effectively with the different types of debtors.
  • Anticipate and deal with potential barriers and objections to collections.
  • Apply more creative ways of collecting receivables.
  • Communicate persuasively to make the customer cooperate and pay immediately

Stop waiting for receivables.  Collect them NOW!  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Customer-Centered Debt Collection Seminar today!

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