Cultural Diversity

Have you ever been frustrated when working with people from other cultures? Do their work habits and manner of communication differ from yours? As your business expands and moves into the global arena and your people cross cultures, the need to bridge the gap is a must – not an option. The challenge now is how to be competitive in an intensely intercultural business environment. With the Cultural Diversity Program Series, you will:

  • Adjust to people across cultures – geographical, corporate or generational
  • Recognize and manage cultural contrasts in specific contexts
  • Work productively and harmoniously in a global and multi-cultural workplace
  • Reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding and encourage positive work relationships
  • Deal with conflict and different cultural communication styles

Don’t ignore your organization’s need for cross-cultural skills!

This program is for global leaders and multicultural teams, international travelers and trainers. It is very helpful to those working on multinational projects overseas and with varied nationalities.

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