Cross-Cultural Communication

Do you easily get intimidated with the way your American counterpart speaks? Or with the series of questions your Indian client throws at you? Or with the very thick accent of your British boss? Worry no more. Cross-Cultural Communication will equip you with the attitude, knowledge and skills needed to better deal and work with people from other cultures. With Cross-Cultural Communication, you will:

  • Compare and contrast values and belief systems of other cultures with those of the Filipinos
  • Discuss behaviors inherent of certain cultures
  • Understand and respect cultural differences
  • Speak with foreigners with greater confidence
  • Be more direct and assertive in your communication
  • Come up with a cross-cultural toolbox for certain cultures
  • Examine how people from different cultures communicate and how to adjust your style accordingly
  • Practice good listening and probing techniques
  • Listen to various English accents

This program will truly benefit people, from staff to members of top management, who deal and work with foreigners, either face-to-face or on the telephone.


“They are really good, with full knowledge of the topic; and prepared good and relevant activities during the training.”
Joanne Medalla – JSE, Accenture

“Through this program I had learned the different values and the way how to adjust/flex with other cultures.”
Leandro O. Galvez – Jr. Software Engineer, Accenture

“The course presenters brought us quickly to the “real issues” of concern in cross cultural relations in the office. This was achieved with understanding and enough control so that the contentious issues were dealt with thoroughly without offense, and with sound recommendations for future changes in office practice.”
Dr. Patricia Ludowyk – First Secretary, AusAid

“Cross Cultural differences are inevitable. No matter what field you enter, surely, this would be present. There is really no way of escaping this, so what each and everyone should do is just to accept and understand that differences are present. This training I had helped me to accept this fact and allow me to know how to bridge the gap.”
Grizel Sia – Manulife Business Processing Services

“I find the cross-cultural communication workshop by G&J informative and enjoyable.”
Sheila Lapitan – Support Manager, Misys Banking System

“Cross-cultural communication was the greatest training that I had because I happen to be a first-time in interacting with different cultures. It is a big help because this will broaden my knowledge in interacting and change my perception towards other people.
Guthrie-Jensen did a good job in bringing this type of training and sharing it to me.”
Jerome D. Villafuerte – Communications Officer, SGS Gulf Limited


Guthrie-Jensen’s Cross Cultural Communication Program.  Diversity training at its best!

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