Creative Thinking

Today’s highly competitive and complex business environment require organizations to find new and “out-of-the-box” ways of solving old problems, of doing things, of executing operational plans and of managing resources that deliver results.

Get out of the rut of the status quo, find new ways of delivering results, harness creativity throughout your organization, apply creativity in achieving productive organizational operations and processes, discover better ways of solving problems.

With Creative Thinking, you will:

  • Realize the value and demand of creativity in today’s business environment
  • Understand the nature and use of creativity in the organization
  • Harness the creativity of every member of your organization
  • Understand and apply different creativity methods and techniques in the generation of creative processes, products, ideas, and strategies in the workplace and for the business

This program is for everyone in the organization—from the CEO to any entry-level staff.


“The program is an excellent value for money.”
Raul F. Borjal – VP, Fastech

“The program exercises approximated near real life situations.”
Allan P. Timonera – President, Fastech

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