Conducting Business Meetings

You attend meetings every week, sometimes even every day. And most often in many meetings minutes are kept and hours are lost. Minimize the waste of precious time and resources and facilitate meetings where objectives are met and agreements are put to action. Conducting Business Meetings shares the formula for meeting success, where you will:

  • Learn to cut meeting time in half through preparation
  • Start meetings right by setting ground rules and establishing meeting agenda
  • Facilitate the smooth flow from one agenda item to another
  • Get through debates, disagreements, and analysis paralysis
  • Deal with the topic jumper, the devil’s advocate, and the silent participant, among others
  • Bring the meeting to a strong close by summarizing agreements and action plans

This program is for all members of your organization who organize and facilitate meetings.


“It’s the first time I attended a Guthrie-Jensen meeting (Conducting Business Meetings). I find their methodology great for busy people like us. We were never bored because they put more emphasis on the actual practice with the theories as reinforcements or at the background of the meeting. I’m looking forward in attending another training/seminar from Guthrie-Jensen.”
Christian Oliver G. Ponce – Analyst, Chevron Holdings, Inc.

“Guthrie-Jensen is our key for success and improvement. We learned so much from them. Thank you very much.”
Emer Pabularcon – Prod. Supervisor, Analog Devices

“Very fun learning experience. The workshops’ exercises put into application the theories presented during the training.”
Malou Sy – Accountant, Chevron Holdings, Inc.

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