Collaborative Leadership

Guthrie-Jensen Collaborative Leadership

Leaders can’t do it alone. They need to work with people. In this diverse, fast-paced and tough landscape, this is easier said than done. But yes, it can and should be done.

Leaders must build trust, create an atmosphere of transparency and open communication. They must be able to work with different departments, business units, and various stakeholders — amidst the complex organizational dynamics, time zones, and sometimes, even friction.

This is where collaboration comes in. And it starts with leaders who are equipped with the skills and are ready to set the example.

When collaboration is present, the potential? Limitless. When teams are able to freely share their perspectives and experiences, innovation and true synergy become a reality.

Clash? Or collaborate? Get the skills to work more successfully with your team and with fellow leaders. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP.

With this program, you and your team will learn to

  • Learn and apply the seven critical skills needed to successfully collaborate with colleagues across the organization – both as leader and contributor
  • Develop and contribute to an environment that fosters greater collaboration and teamwork
  • Communicate with and influence stakeholders more successfully
  • Increase leadership effectiveness by overcoming barriers that prevent successful collaboration
  • Find common ground to deliver results with stakeholders

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