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Before Facebook’s phenomenal success as the number one social network, its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, wasn’t as popular as he is today. Yet even then, people around Zuckerberg knew he was someone who could lead his empire to greatness. He just had a certain level of confidence playing his role as the man in charge of the social media company.

His business card during the time even had the phrase “I’m CEO, bitch” written on it. Apparently, Zuckerberg would dish out the phrase during meetings perhaps as a way for him to get psyched up or to rally around his team.

The point is, confidence plays a big role in one’s professional success. Like Zuckerberg, you need to exude complete confidence in your abilities, vision, or opinions to gain the trust and support of your colleagues.

Find out if you have the confidence it takes to be a great asset to your team and your company. Take the self-confidence quiz and work your way to the top of your career.

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Confidence is a positive quality that you should nourish through healthy ways, especially in the workplace. When you have a sense of self-confidence, you’ll find it easy to interact with other people, think rationally, and accomplish your goals without putting undue stress or pressure on yourself.

So, start cultivating your self-confidence to boost your chances for a successful, fulfilling professional life.

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