Is Your Business Doing Social Media Right?

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Using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for your company doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing social media right. What a lot of people don’t realize is that running a social media account is a whole other playing field from running a personal account. You don’t post just about anything at just about any time.

As in everything you do, especially in business, you must be strategic. Here are a few things you need to think about when you use social media:

Social Media Tip #1: Set your ducks in a row.
Start with determining what you want from the account. Once your objectives are set, all your moves online, whether it is a post, a comment or even a like, it must be geared towards these objectives.

Social Media Tip #2: Be quick to quip.

Take advantage of your customers’ posts about you, whether good or bad. Add a comment and engage them in a conversation. This is your chance to set yourself apart from your competitors with the experience you provide.

This may even lead to a sale on the spot, just like how McDonald’s did it:

A customer randomly posts about her craving for McDonalds, “I would really, really want to eat at Mcdo right now but I am currently under the delusion that I am/will be living a healthier lifestyle so I’m trying to control myself. But burger and fries though. huhuhu” 






Social Media Tip #3: Curate, don’t just pirate.
According to Social Examiner, “Content curation is defined as “the process of finding, organizing and sharing online content.”

Do not just take any link and bombard your followers with random information. You have to put them into context in a manner that is organized and easy to understand. Choose content that is the most relevant and helpful to your brand and more importantly, to your customers’ needs. And as you surf the Internet for the right content, you can use your research prowess to learn from your competitors as well.

Brian Carter (Social Media Marketing World) suggests that you should only use curated content 50% of the time. Then post original content for 30% and promotional material for 20% of the time.

Social Media Tip #4: Create to captivate.

Though some social media applications may have a character limit, your resourcefulness, creativity and innovation are limitless.

Take the time and energy to create your own content and start your own buzz. This is an opportunity for you to make your brand more unique and your customers feel more connected to you.

Engaging Customers through Social Media - Guthrie-Jensen

Artist @GregBurney promised each new follower a sketch of their photo. He did this for his first 3000 followers. He started the day with 70 followers and ended with over 2,000. At present, over 5,000 users follow him. He was not only able to showcase his talent, but he customized his services to each of his followers too.  Source:

Social Media Tip #5: Timing is everything.

            Just as much as you would like to un-friend users who seem to flood your newsfeed everyday, your customers will feel the same way if you post too often. The timing of each of your posts must be aligned with current events, with the current needs of your customers and, of course, with the objectives you set at the very beginning. This is why it would be best for you to come up with a timeline and long-term playbook to make sure your posts and other social media activities are aligned.

There are indeed many questions to ask yourself, as well as your team, before you even begin to fully utilize the Social Media channel. The venture into using Social Media though very interesting, can be a daunting task. It’s just not that simple. But we can help! Learn more about engaging customers through social media by clicking here for more details.

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