Transitioning from Service Provider to Service Champion

Senior front liners play a critical role in serving the clients of the organization.  They are considered “senior” because of their length stay in the organization, because of the consistently high quality of service they provider, or both.  They are the individual providers whom customers remember the most.  Customers look for them when they transact business with the organization, and at times, they don’t want to transact with anyone who has less experience.  Compared to new employees, these professionals have unmatched experience and rapport with clients.

Not surprisingly, some of these senior front liners have been formally promoted as managers, supervisors, or team leaders.  While others may not have formal positions, they may still play informal yet crucial leadership roles in the team.  They are given the task of mentoring or supporting less experienced people in the team.  They are considered subject matter experts.  Some complaints are escalated to them when less experienced employees are not able to handle them.

High performing organizations recognize the role of senior front liners.  They equip these professionals with more advanced skills to perform their roles well, and to help them prepare for greater responsibilities and leadership roles in the future.  These organizations also equip them with the right mindset and strategies so that they can pass on their wealth of experience to others in the team.  The end result: the team is not just aligned — high impact skills and the right service attitude are multiplied all throughout the organization.

Wouldn’t you want this for your organization?  The need is for organizations to transform these experienced service providers into service champions!  With Guthrie-Jensen’s innovative workshop, Transitioning from Service Provider to Service Champion, you and your people will be able to

  • Adapt a reinforced customer-centric mindset that allows professionals to serve clients more effectively
  • Assess present service skills to validate if one is a service champion and turn improvement areas into future service strengths
  • Apply tried-and-tested strategies and techniques to become a service champion
  • Benchmark from the best practices of international companies
  • Use one’s role as a service champion in helping other front-liners engage their customers
  • Increase customer loyalty by delivering efficient and professional customer service
  • Manage stressful customer service situations professionally
  • Understand clients more deeply and adjust to different service challenges
  • Increase your influence as a service provider

Achieve greater customer loyalty.  Spread the wealth of experience across the team and organization.  Transform your people and bring them to the next level of excellence.  Join Transitioning from Service Provider to Service Champion today!

This program is recommended for:

  • Senior customer service professionals
  • Service professionals being groomed for leadership positions
  • Team leaders, subject matter experts, supervisors, and managers
  • Service professionals who want to get the skills to transform front-liners into customer service champions.


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