The Millennial Leader: Jump-Starting the Next Generation of Business Leaders

As more and more of our Baby Boomers transition to retirement, today’s workforce welcomes a new generation – The Millennials!

Born between the 1980’s and 2000’s, the Millennials are characterized by their heavy use of technology. They have entered the workforce equipped with an innate understanding of computers, the influence of social media and the impact of the digital world.

Does this guarantee success for them and the organizations that expect results?  Millennials still need to be led.  They need to cultivate or sharpen productive workplace habits that will result to greater productivity in the workplace.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Jump-Start Work Habits for Productive Millennials, participants will be able to

  • Understand what is expected from them in a professional environment.
  • Appreciate the different generations present in today’s workplace and how to best work with them.
  • Realize the power of attitude in overcoming barriers at work.
  • Be equipped with competencies to overcome the Six Unproductive Traps:
    • Autonomy
    • Entitlement
    • Defensive
    • Abrasive
    • Narrow-Mindedness
    • Unfocused
  • Create a 60-Day Action Plan to reinforce their drive and commitment in becoming a positive and professional influence in the workplace.

This program is recommended for:

Millennial Associates, staff, and team members who wish to boost their workplace productivity and become a positive and professional influence towards their work, colleagues and the organization.  It is also recommended for recent or fresh graduates.

Likewise, this program also serves as a foundational course for future leaders of the organization.

Managing millennials? This program is for you!

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