Teambuilding 101: Gearing Up the Team for Higher Performance

Do you have a new organization with high goals and moving targets? Or are your people a mixture of young and old, novice and the experienced? Are they working well as one solid team?

Achievement of organizational goals does not only rely on team effort. The team must be able to recognize the four (4) keys to successful teamwork: Goals, Roles, Rules and Relationships (GRRR). It is true then, it is true now. Does your team know what needs to be achieved? Do they understand how this should be done? Do they agree on who could effectively carry out specific tasks?

Any no answer to these questions would make the goals seem unreachable.

With Teambuilding 101: Gearing Up the Team for Higher Performance, you and your team will be able to:

  • Set and share organizational goals and targets that are realistic
  • Establish procedures for successful accomplishment
  • Define the roles and responsibilities to be performed
  • Develop governing rules
  • Set accountability for delivering results
  • Identify and harness people’s potentials

Solidify your team now and see the changes in results and performance. This program is for all units, departments, groups and companies as a whole that are looking into unifying their divisions toward achieving organizational goals.

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