Team Leadership and Empowerment

People go about their businesses in different ways. In fact, it requires more than superficial glance to identify differences. Team Leaders in any organization, be it flat or hierarchical, have their distinct mindset and slant, but all of them deal with the same thing – EMERGING CHALLENGES that affect the entire group.

Let your supervisors and managers take the journey to become high performing and professional Team Leaders.

With Team Leadership you will:

  • Differentiate management from leadership
  • Learn a deeper understanding of the Team Leaders’ various roles
  • See the importance of urgency, responsibility and accountability
  • Provide the atmosphere to motivate and influence team members to perform well
  • Explore your unique role in bringing new members to the team
  • Work out challenges and opportunities to formulate viable solutions

Team Leadership program is designed for line leaders, supervisors, and managers who want to cultivate a new breed of leaders ready to perform in the big league.


“At first I am very nervous because I don’t know what will happen to us in this seminar but as the program started I began to feel relax and comfortable because I can say that they are really excellent, they have the ability to make the participants feel that they are special and that they belong to the seminar. I will never forget my experience being with them because this is the best seminar I had ever attended. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”
Maricel Esguerra – Trainer, Kawasaki

“I have attended a lot of training and workshop but none was even at par with the trainings being conducted by Guthrie-Jensen.”
“Absolutely Excellent! We are looking forward for the next time (if ever) Keep up the good work!”
Elmer Sarmiento, Jr. – Programmer, Kawasaki

“Guthrie-Jensen Consultants are highly capable to design & deliver programs that are tailored fit to a client’s needs. Very reliable, condensed & high impact presentations were made for ROHM Electronics Phils. managers – Thank you!”
Joy Tangunan– Section Manager – HRD, Rohm Electronics

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