Strengthening Trust in Teams

There are different work relationships: managers to staff, colleague to colleague, employee to customers. What is the level of trust in your organizational relationships? Do people mean what they say, and say what they mean? Do you see trust as something that can be enhanced to follow through on commitments?

Trust building in teams will help you and your team:

  • Understand trust and how it is built
  • Explore behaviours that build trusting relationships, and behaviours that contribute to betrayal
  • Take action in leading the process of rebuilding and sustaining trust
  • Transform into a team committed to building and rebuilding trust

Business transactions are based on relationship, and trust is the basic foundation. It is a powerful force. In its absence, organizations are destroyed. But when strongly present, it flourishes unity with your internal and external partners. Build trust now and boost your work relationships!

This program is for everyone who desires to cultivate trusting relationships within the team and the whole organization. With the trust building process, strategic initiatives can be effectively undertaken different levels and eventually toward your clients.

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