Strategic Sales Probing

“Research proves what the best salespeople have known for years: Sales is about people. It is not necessarily about being liked, but it is about being trustworthy, diligent, consultative and, at the highest level, inspiring.”
Discover Your Sales Strengths
By Tony Rutgliano and Benson Smith
The Gallup Organization

“90% of the sales that fail after we make a formal recommendation fail because we didn’t gather the right information.”
The 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths
By Stefan Schiffman

Product knowledge and presentation skills are not enough. Without the right probing techniques, sales presentations will be a shot in the dark.

Just as lawyers win their cases by the questions they ask, sales people tailor their presentations based on the answers they elicit from their prospects. The prospect isn’t interested in the product! He is interested in how it will increase his productivity, save him money or improve his operations! That’s what he wants to hear from sales people. And that can only be done by understanding his business, his organizational objectives and issues.

With Strategic Sales Probing, participants will:

  • Zero in on relevant questions that will lead to an understanding of the prospect’s current situation and concerns
  • Phrase questions intelligently and effectively
  • Avoid risky questions
  • Quantify the benefits that the product can give the prospect
  • Draw out information that will help contribute to the prospect’s organizational/business objectives
  • Show the prospect that the seriousness of his concern far outweighs the cost of the product
  • Make the prospect express his want, desire and intention to buy the product
  • Gather information that will lead to a power-packed presentation

This program is designed for sales people, sales supervisors, sales managers and everyone who desires to reap the benefits of consultative selling.


“I’ve been with different seminars and programs before but the thing that makes Guthrie Jensen apart from other facilitators is the way they probe on their clients. They did interviews and surveys randomly on participants before the actual training, which makes sense because problems and concerns are directly addressed. Good job! A very productive session spent with you.”
Louise Ibañez – Association of Committed Tours Specialist

“I learned a lot from this program like mental preparation and qualifying information.”
Mira Uy – Tour Specialits, Association of Committed Tours Specialist

“The selling program of Guthrie-Jensen is a very significant program. It helped us to set our minds on how should we question our clients to know what they want in order for us to have smooth selling process.”
Paul Veneracion – Technical Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Philippines

“Guthrie-Jensen’s sales training theories are actually being applied by their trainers, which is a great way of encouraging participants to listen and learn more.”
Pen Miranda – IM, E-PLDT

“The seminar was timely and pertinent to us, especially to those like me who are inexperienced with the art and science of selling. I am confident that I will bring with me the knowledge I’ve picked up today for the rest of my sales career.”
Adrian Lladol– Industry Manager, E-PLDT

“This helped me a lot in identifying certain areas where I need to improve in order to transform opportunities into closed sales.”
Gary Abillar– Technical Supervisor, Hewlett-Packard Philippines

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