Sales Presentation Skills

Knowledge is useless without the ability to communicate it!

Sales people close 33% of their accounts because they connect with right people at the right time. Another 33% is lost due to uncontrollable factors. The last 33% is where salespeople separate themselves from the pack. These accounts are up for grabs. These are where our presentation skills make a difference.

Knowledge gained through product orientations and proper probing are not enough. The key moment of truth is when you are face to face with your prospect to now, present your products or services in a way that no one else can.

Product expertise does not ensure the ability to present in a way that logically affects the prospect’s emotions and builds his desire to buy. Probing about a prospect’s needs does not prepare a salesperson for the prospect’s mindset.

Now, Guthrie-Jensen shares a comprehensive Sales Presentation Skills seminar that will arm salespeople to:

  • Deal with the anxiety during presentations
  • Uncover myths about persuasion that hinder the ability to successfully persuade an audience
  • Identify sources of audience resistance and ways to overcome them
  • Conquer credibility issues
  • Identify seven different audience types
  • Strategize their presentations according to the different audience types
  • Formulate the ideal presentation outline designed to convince any prospect
  • Use the body language, voice and words that will catch and sustain the prospect’s attention
  • Encourage and Deal with questions

This program is designed sales people, sales supervisors and for all people who make presentations to customers.


“Guthrie Jensen, I may say help us to develop our skills in presenting in the public. They teach us to be confident enough and facing our fear. They motivate us and boost our self-esteem. Thank you and keep it up.”
Marlotte Lee – Med Service Rep, Hewlett-Packard Philippines

“Guthrie-Jensen has contributed so much in the improvement of my selling skills. They have shown us the methods we need to guide us in making a more effective presentation and to master the art of closing deals. We are hoping that with the help of this training, we will hit our target for next year. Thank you Guthrie-Jensen.”
Glenda P. Cunanan – Business Unit Manager, Ariela Marketing Company, Inc.

“Guthrie-Jensen met all my expectations from learning the basics and giving me new ideas in presentation and proper probing techniques.

Encourages trainees to evaluate their performance and further improve one’s skill. And lastly, I thank Guthrie-Jensen for giving me the proper tools to enhance my ability in my kind of work and also to improve my daily life in terms of communication.”
John Ferdie Paredes – Territory Manager, Lifeline Diagnostics Supplies, Inc.

“Guthrie-Jensen has been the most interactive and results-driven management consultant firm that conducted training which I participated. Each participant’s performance was fully evaluated per detail and thus results have been very efficient.”
Russell Appreca – CRM Junior Analyst, IP Converge

“Very great training with excellent trainer with that said and done, we can now conquer the corporate world with our very great presentation!”
Mary Jane Jara – Robinson’s Appliances

“Guthrie Jensen is a group that really helps you improve your communication skills in presenting and at the same time, boosts your self-confidence. Thank you very much and hope to see you again.”
Liza Pangan – Senior Store Supervisor, Robinson’s Appliances

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