Sales Persuasion Strategies

Most sales people would define selling as “convincing others to buy our products.”  The question is: is this just a matter of applying convincing techniques that will move our prospects to buy?  More than skills and techniques, persuasion has to have an overall approach!

Convincing prospects is not just a matter of matching what they are asking for.  It’s also about knowing deeply why they ask for those things and using those reasons to become even more convincing.

Guthrie-Jensen’s SALES PERSUASION STRATEGIES provides every sales professional the needed mindset to approach any selling situation and come out of every sales interaction with greater credibility, influence and power over their prospects ensuring higher chances of persuading them to purchase.

With this program, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Pinpoint and overcome anxieties that block persuasive powers
  • Clearly identify the elements that positively influence people and use them to increase your convincing powers
  • Deeply understand what makes others resistant and learn how to overcome those sources of resistance
  • Successfully assess the type of audience being persuaded and maximize that knowledge to be totally convincing
  • Practically apply the right persuasive strategies that can help jumpstart the right influencing habits

Getting people to agree with you is an art form but there is a science behind it too. Let our Sales Persuasion Strategies program provide you with the structure to help you become more convincing; attracting more sales and customers to you.

This training program /seminar is for Sales People, Account Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Relations Officers, Relationship Managers, Other Sales and Marketing professionals, leaders and executives whose results depend on influencing customers, colleagues and others.



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