Powering Up the Team Toward Efficiency

Is your organization’s performance declining? Are the processes and outputs lagging? Are your people sluggish and demotivated? It’s time to bring the team members together to re-ignite the passion, and discover ways to increase motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

With Powering Up the Team Toward Efficiency program, you and your team will be able to:

  • Re-discover team members’ personalities and strengthen relationships
  • See the importance of urgency required in projects and targets
  • Identify and address the bottle necks in operations
  • Create action plans and initiatives
  • Increase operations coordination and communication across departments

This program is for all units, departments, groups and companies as a whole that are looking re-energize the team to attain efficiency and effectiveness.


“It’s great. You were able bridge the gap between the BOD executive and us as an employee. You were able to manage us realize that in the arena of work everybody scenes to be surrounding the table and taking part in the management decisions. That our ideals we not in vain more so for the good of the company. Thanks for the effort.”
Alan Ines – Corporate Security Office, RD Corporation

“No one’s too old to learn when you are learning from Guthrie-Jensen.”
Ruby S. Cruz – Customer Service Manager, Miascor Holdings

“Guthrie-Jensen Consultants to management have a lot to teach companies who are in their infant stage as well as companies that are already established . Seminar like this helps companies increase productivity, trust, fairness and happiness for the work environment, which is the key to a better institution”.
Wilbert C. Valentino – Operations Manager, Brosis Finest Foods Inc.

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