Mastering Management: Delivering Results

Most managers and executives tend to just supervise people, losing their focus and neglecting the crucial task of achieving results.

Know the difference between managing and supervising, learn operational and strategic planning, and get tips on problem-solving. Provide the vision for your team, unleash their energies, and sustain peak performance.

With Managing for Results, you will:

  • Demonstrate a balanced, adoptive and flexible management style
  • Differentiate between supervising and managing
  • Respond creatively to changing conditions in the workplace
  • Deliver optimum results through effective planning, monitoring and controlling
  • Organize your people to unleash and focus their knowledge, skills and creativity
  • Take charge by making timely decisions
  • Provide vision and unleash the energy of your people
  • Sustain peak performance and handle performance problems

This program is for managers, directors, vice-presidents and presidents who want to deliver maximum results.


“It is a seminar that should be afforded to all managers. It is very resourceful and will surely help the managers improve in their performance.”
Oscar M. Canino – Manager, Bagging & Shipping, Atlast Fertilizer Corporation

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