Managing Change and Transitions

Organizational change has always been considered a challenge for any organization that undergoes it. But with a management that is prepared and equipped with the right skills and strategies, organizational change can be performed without any interruptions to operations.

Be prepared for change by planning and managing organizational changes and transitions.

With Managing Change and Transitions, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate implementation of change efforts in the organization.
  • Ensure attainment of the change objectives by properly managing resistance and adjustment difficulties.
  • Equip and enable others to have a better understanding of a change process and the roles they play.
  • Develop the Transition Plan and Strategize its implementation.

This program is for managers, director, vice – presidents and presidents who want to prepare for organizational changes, as well as ensure smooth operations during actual transitions.

Guthrie-Jensen’s Managing Change and Transitions.  Change Management Training at its best!

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