Living the Brand Inside and Out

Is everyone in your organization projecting your brand of distinction?

Learn more about brand’s blunders and wonders. Uncover your corporate DNA. Apply the “Smash your brand” test to clarify your brand essence. Revitalize your strategy and know how to align all efforts to build strong brand identity.

With Living the Brand Inside and Out, you will:

  • Make your company a power brand
  • Creatively and efficiently use resources to increase brand value
  • Develop brand advocates among your people
  • Achieve meaningfully distinctive and lasting corporate reputation
  • Foster a synergy of communications and actions to all stakeholders
  • Create a brand-driven corporate environment
  • Understand the key aspects of a company’s business, its industry, its customers and other key audiences
  • Use the insights to define (redefine) your overall corporate identity
  • Determine a differentiated position in various stakeholders
  • Craft a distinctive brand image
  • Communicate, act, promote and project the unique brand identity
  • Discover how to monitor and assess the brand’s equity and vitality
  • Formulate action steps necessary to consistently live the brand

Take the first crucial step to brand and organizational excellence.

This program is for all managers as well as top executives who would like to become “agents” of transformation in your organization.


“A real eye-opener. The seminar was an awakening on what ruthless companies are really made of. The examples, steps and processes were clear. The instructor made it a point that we can incorporate it in our own company.”
Jill Noreen R. Legaspi – DB Wizards Inc., Associate Marketing Consultant

“A must attend program! Discover the importance of internal handling to make external branding more successful. This program teaches how you’d be able to better communicate your brand image by understanding the internal customers.”
Ritzel Tan – Asiawide Refreshments, Corporation (RC COLA)

“The seminar not only delivered its promise. We were also given the added tools to go beyond synergizing our co. brand, i.e. to stay married to our brand. I leave the seminar with several insights on how we can improve the strong brand that represents our company – it will certainly be a challenge to do so but with this seminar and the tools provided, the task does not seen so daunting.”
Grace Velarde – AIG Philam Savings

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