INFO MAX SKILLS: Interviewing, Probing and Insight Generation

Successful businesses thrive on getting relevant information. Professionals need answers – and fast! After all, insights are the bases for recommendations, decisions, and action plans. It spells the difference between: 1) Hiring the right person vs. the wrong candidate; 2) Making the right recommendation to a sales prospect vs. selling the wrong solution; 3) Presenting findings that will move the business forward vs. aggravating problems.

There’s no wonder: Professionals and organizations that have relevant information faster are more effective!

The challenge: all these are easier said than done. Many businesses either have very little information. Others have information overload to sort through. Meanwhile, professionals need to update their information gathering skills and they need support!

The bottom line: professionals must be fully equipped with the skills and tools to gather the relevant information they need.

Generate better insights for your business. Make better decisions and action plans. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s interactive workshop, INFO MAX SKILLS: Interviewing, Probing and Insight Generation.

After this program, you and your colleagues will be able to:

  • Appreciate the role of relevant information in the productivity and growth of any organization
  • Understand one’s role in generating information and insight for operations
  • Master skills in interviewing and probing that are applicable in various scenarios (e.g. HR/recruitment, sales, consulting, research, and more)
  • Manage interviews to increase efficiency and effectiveness in gathering necessary information
  • Use a more effective interview flow
  • Practice gathering useful information with good interviewing skills: asking leading and probing questions
  • Ask insightful and meaningful probing questions and analyze the responses to such questions
  • Practice skills in listening, clarifying and paraphrasing
  • Read non-verbal behaviors
  • Practice the right etiquette and build better rapport
  • Make better decisions and plot the right action plans with better information gathered

This program is recommended for Hiring Managers, Recruitment, Human Resources, Technical Pre-Sales, Researchers, Consultants, Auditors, and other professionals who use interviewing skills for their business.

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