Executive Development Program

As companies welcome the challenges of next year and beyond, they realize the need to continuously propel the team towards greater profitability, competitiveness and growth. Previous trainings, seminars and workshops have equipped their managers and supervisors with tools, techniques and work passion that certainly helped them in manage their respective units.

The Executive Development Program (EDP) has been designed to improve their craft, knowledge and skills and help strengthen the conceptual management of running a department or business unit as higher competencies are required to bring not only incremental but exponential growth to the organization.

The EDP is a semblance of an MBA program that has a balance offering of course module in the functional areas and general management including various topics with specialized topics in business management. The program’s main objective is to prepare your key people to become strategic leaders competing in a business environment that has grown increasingly dynamic and complex. With broader and more integrative understanding of the business equipped with the knowledge and expertise, this will enable them to make strategic and operational decisions.

This program is designed for managers across various departments and even business units.

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